LGBTQ foster youth film


Davis Feminist Film Festival 2013


Spokane International LGBTQ Film Festival 2013

“America’s Most Unwanted is a great resource tool for me to bring voice to marginalized people into our social welfare class who might otherwise never be heard. These intimate stories from youth and adult survivors of the foster care system inspire students and adults alike.” Fran Gomory, College of Social Work, Florida State University.

“Shani Heckman’s ‘Americas Most Unwanted’ is a  groundbreaking new film. It not only sheds light on the failings of  foster care, but more importantly provides a platform for youth to share with the world their experiences growing up in foster care, struggles for survival, and experiences of triumph despite the failing system they were forced to grow up within.” –Sassafras Lowrey  Editor of the Kicked Out anthology

“Congratulations on an amazing film! As a former CPS worker and child welfare LGBTQ youth trainer I’ve seen a lot of these kinds of films and yours really stands out. I appreciated the diversity and the sense of hope we are left with.” –Maryanne Rehberg, Trainer & Consultant, LCSW