Transcript excerpt – Savi, 2010

An excerpt from Savi, one of the subjects of AMERICA’S MOST UNWANTED

Savi, award in hand, for her advocacy work

Savi: I’ve always known right and wrong. I’ve always known respect, you know. I taught myself and I looked. Observed. Understood by the way the majority of the population communicated with each other that it wasn’t right what I was doing, you know, and I knew every kid that I made cry. I felt bad about it. I think I did it just because I didn’t want them to see my pain. You know, I didn’t want anybody to get close enough to see me cry.
[00:05:29;20] Interviewer: and you probably wanted to cry a lot, huh?
[00:05:29;20] Savi: I cried myself to sleep every night.

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