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Produce a screening or fundraising event in YOUR town!

Get involved with AMERICA’S MOST UNWANTED! There is a void in positive foster youth imagery–this void will start to close with the release of this film. And YOU have the power to help make that happen! Please help us launch a nationwide promotional campaign, collaborating with foster youth organizations, local government municipalities, and educational institutions across the country to create free screenings of the film and dialogues with local foster youth in each city in a Town Hall Forum.


Connor and Savi

Help us connect with your town.

  • Please contact us if you would like to help bring AMERICA’S MOST UNWANTED to your town– for a film screening, panel discussion, and other Town Hall elements.

Bring America’s Most Unwanted to your training event, high school, or university.

  • Please contact us if you would like to help bring AMERICA’S MOST UNWANTED to your work place, volunteer organization, community event, or campus.

Help us fundraise for travel costs, DVD production, and more.

  • With her years of event production, AMERICA’S MOST UNWANTED’s director, Shani Heckman will provide you with everything you need in support. If you throw a fundraiser or house party for America’s Most Unwanted, you can know that you supporting an important social justice film that will better the lives of foster youth, and you are also changing the system of film making.

Please contact Shani Heckman directly at:

4 thoughts on “Book A Screening

  1. Greetings
    My name is Kory. I am a CCW counselor for a goup home that creates a safe and positive space for kids who identify with or who are excepting of the LGBT community. We are very interested in your project and request a DVD for preview. TLC takes pride in being one of the few organizations that supports inclusion of LGBT youth with in the foster and adoption system. We strive to bring awarness and understanding to the over all community. We are excited about the prospect of hosting an event and would like more information on what is offered and how that may work.
    Please visit our website. Thank you for your work and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Kory CCW counselor, Orchard House
    TLC 1800 Gravenstien hwy north
    Sebastopol Ca 95472

    • Kory, I wrote to you directly over a week ago–want to make sure you received my message? let me know how to move forward and connect you and the youth with our film! I live in SF so if possible, would love to support in person. I know the Q&A is sometimes even better than the film. one issue, however, is that I do not own a car so transportation stipend would be required ..but you should write me back on that personal email I sent you and we can make it happen! thanks for all you do, Kory!

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