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Two methods to watch the complete film of America’s Most Unwanted!
1–Online instant right now— CLICK HERE

OR with a DVD purchase–screening rights available:

Thank you for your interest in DVDs of America’s Most Unwanted
Our 4-panel DVD includes many extras to help you support LGBTQ foster youth issues and fosters more generally:
* 1 hour of additional materials
* DVD ROM support docs
* Spanish Subtitle
* Closed Captioning
* poetry from the youth.


Select the category that best represents your purpose with our film. Please note, HOME USE DVDs are not for public screenings, training, group events or duplication

  • AMERICA’S MOST UNWANTED DVD SALES choose the one that fits your need.
  • Universities & College copies include library, classroom and theater screening permission.
  • Trainings & multi-year use DVDs also include public screening permission.


Please, WRITE US NOW with any questions
Shani Heckman is a brilliant storyteller and a candid, insightful presenter. Her film, “America’s Most Unwanted,” gives voice to LGBTQ foster youth in California who have experienced injustice because of how they look and who they love. The town hall screenings that Shani hosts, in collaboration with other former foster youth, are engaging and informative. Not only do Shani and her co-presenters share aspects of their own stories with candor and humor, but they also offer powerful ideas about how to improve the dependency system to better serve all of our children and youth in care. I would highly recommend Shani’s film and town hall presentation to any youth-serving organization.”

Dr. Marissa Guerrero, California CASA Association

Safe Space signage the #1 way to show a youth you're a friend

Safe Space Signage

America’s Most Unwanted reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone who gives a false address or representation. This film was self-funded by a former foster youth through credit cards and student loans-thanks for helping pay it forward and ensuring we can continue this important work!
100% of funds from sale of DVD goes towards the 6 years of production and our work and promotion of LGBTQ foster youth issues!

–Put DVD into computer slot
–Open DVD from your Finder DO NOT USE DVD PLAYER
–You will see three folders–video, audio and DVD-ROM
–Open DVD ROM you will see PDFs and Safe Space Sign to read/view/print from a PDF or Text Reader

2 thoughts on “WATCH FILM

  1. Hi, I am a foster parent to 2 wonderful sons. I tried to purchase it for 3.00 and it keeps charging me 29, can you help?

    • Hi Heidi,
      Thanks for reaching out and your work as a foster mother! They sound like 2 lucky boys.

      Sadly, due to production costs we’re unable to provide free DVDs. At cost, w/out any profit, they are $25. As a former foster youth myself, who self funded the film–I had hoped to find financial support to provide free DVDs but we already spent the small funding we received.

      We hope to launch an affordable and accessible digital screener in the next few weeks. We will have to charge something for it, however, b/c we’ve 6 years of production debt–but the online screener will be more affordable.

      thanks for your interest and support,
      shani heckman
      film director & former foster

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